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E 'was presented in May at the International Book Fair in Turin the latest work by Nazzareno Orlando: "The taste of Ice" published by Homo Scrivens for necklace Directions imaginary directed by Aldo Putignano. Fragments of narrative, memories, streams of consciousness, known lyric, existential, suspensions. All in a flurry of words, stories and daily split of today.

Dopo l’appuntamento torinese, a breve, inizierà il tour di presentazione. Il libro è un’opera multimediale, in collaborazione con musicisti di fama internazionale. Ad accompagnare il testo, infatti, un’opera realizzata da Vanni Miele e intitolata “Glacés” . All’interno, inoltre, contributi di Ruggero Cappuccio e Gianni Mercurio. La copertina è stata realizzata da Ugo Ciaccio; l’editing è stato curato da Francesca Gerla.
Nazzareno Orlando, remember, is also managing editor of Collectanea Thought Slow - Edimedia Editions of Danila De Lucia- for which, in 2008, he published his first work, "The wind in the bag."
To learn more, we asked some questions to the Master Vanni Miele known cultural worker and musician said.

Maestro, how did the collaboration with Orlando?

Ours is a path that has its roots in the early eighties when I was a member of the Party by Zou, the group that produced the original music of a kind difficult to classify in the commercial standards of the time but that was characterized by a very varied and contaminated

And today?

Today the path that links my sound to the words, the thoughts of Nazzareno Orlando continues with much more awareness to land in the latter actually global, liquid, contaminated where we feel very at ease. To this it was associated with a mutual respect and a sincere friendship that sometimes makes things a little 'magic.

What you have produced together meaningful?

Some plays, many videos, installations and a book / record called "The wind in the bag" with graphics by Mimmo Paladino that has been quite successful. We hope to repeat the latter coupled with creative "The flavor of ice / Glacés" seems to us way ahead.