Vanni Miele GlacésAs all hard this is also a container. My container, is a blend of many stories, feelings, visions, scenarios, scents, nuances. Emotions that I have chosen to share without speaking, explain, clarify. But I would like to dwell on something, my mind, maybe it will be only a pretext to thank two of my old friends with whom I twisted passions, the evolution of the soul. Friends with whom I shared a part of my journey in search of something that even I (we) escapes. With Nazzareno Orlando, On the streets, in the winter of our city, since "Il sapore del ghiaccio” era nell’aria, nella mente, a quando si è poi concretizzato in quel lavoro visionario e realista che è oggi e a cui Nazzareno ha voluto collegare ancora una volta i miei suoni. Poi a Rue Valery, a Nizza, a pochi metri dal mare, a casa di Claudio Citarella, Musician and producer refined, with whom we exchanged without telling us the anxiety of those who never stops trying to understand the cause of things. In my time a little 'French (and even a little' Sanremo) full of life, music, great musicians I have known that I was flattered by their contribution to this album and with which we carry dreams and projects to 'teaches of a "partager" eventful. Thanks then to my friend and teacher Famoudou Don Moye, The fresh Shirley Bunnie Foy and the master Pino Presti for his friendship and for his kind and decisive advice. These musicians have been added to all other esteemed me and with some of whom I have deep emotional ties and sincere: Enzo di Somma, Antony Caligagan, Max Fuschetto, Antonio Arietano, Chaty Tornatore, Sergio Fanelli, Manu Carré. To you these fragments of life, frozen frames in music tracks to share with time.

Songs on the CD Glacés


  1. Radio Bunnie Foy
  2. Fearless
  3. Invisible Light remix Glacé version
  4. Agnus Dei
  5. Parfois Je me perds
  6. Fields of Dahlia
  7. Il sapore del ghiaccio (tango timide)
  8. Sidi Ifni remix Glacé version

L’histoire d’un poisson, suite

  1. Valse d’un poisson
  2. Mémoires
  3. Air
  4. Dans le Temple

Les flux temporaires de l’esprit

  1. Autoroute
  2. Finale compiuto (merci beaucoup)

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